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 This Event has been *Cancelled! But in keeping the valentine love alive... I plan on celebrating my love for life!   It's wonderful to have a significant other to share this day of love with. But if you don't... it's okay to self date..be your own date! Stay tune...I'll share.  :-)

Check back often for updates....

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E-SPOT Concert @ 8;00PM Come check us out! 

​​​​​​​Happy New Year!!1 2018 will be a Great year!  Last year I released  my debut single "Never Gonna Leave Me" It was exciting and unknown at the same time. For those of you that supported me...Thank you! For thos who didn't you still can just click on Buy Now. This project is on going and any help is appreciated.   

Valentine's Day Concert

Coming Friday July 29th, 2016 @7:00pm To.... California Mid*State Fair at Mission Square in concert... Urban 805
"Featuring Special Guest Artist Gwyn Foxx 2 .0!" Gwyn is poised, elegant and classy, and sings "from the heart". You will love her style and her new single "Never Gonna Leave Me". Her vocals on Urban 805's original songs bring the music to a whole new level.

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Inspired  early by many  legends in various genres of music in the '60s, '70s,and 80's Gwyn Foxx. grew up swooning and singing along with her radio. At an early age she began her own journey as an artist. She cultivated her silky-smooth...and fiery vocals in talent shows, choirs, and gigging in her hometown,many other cities, states,and abroad where she still performs on occasion.

"My Belief is that music  speaks a universal language... that has  with no barriers or limitations."   "As a preteen I resonated with music... as a singer... I knew  I had been chosen to sing,  "It's who I am... you know?"